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We organize mountaineering ascents of any level of complexity
About the program
  • Location - Ala-Archa, Kyrgyzstan. Other areas of Central Asia

  • The program is compiled individually depending on your experience, routes you are going to climb and time you have
One of the best places for technical mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan is Ala-Archa. It's is a cult place in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Here you can find routes of any difficulty level and any nature of the relief.
Free Korea, Crown, Semenov-Tien-Shansky, Baychechekey, Box and others are the peaks of the Ak-Sai gorge. Here are the famous routes of Low and Barber to "Korea" and many others

Altitudes up to 4800 meters require a short period of acclimatization, which makes them accessible with a properly structured educational and training process under our guidance.

Here you can make ascents all year round. It is better to choose the nature of the relief based on seasonal characteristics:
  • For mixed routes from September to May
  • On rock routes from April to the end of September
  • On ice routes from September to April, but some ice routes are also can be climbed in summer

Guidebook on alpine routes of Ala-Archa

In addition, Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains, there are many famous peaks and unexplored areas...
Slesov Peak with the "Perestroika crack" route, Odessa Peak, Aksu, Sabah, Kyzyl-Asker, 3 famous seven-thousand-meter peaks - Lenin Peak, Pobeda Peak, Khan-Tengri Peak and many others.
If you want to go on a serious expedition, this is also possible. Сontact me.
  • Programm / Schedule
    The program is compiled individually depending on your experience, routes you are going to climb and time you have
  • Cost
    • The basic cost of services is $ 150 per day (Days of approaches, training days, rest days, as well as routes of category 1B-3B)
    • Routes 4A-4B - from $ 300 (depending on the route)
    • Routes 5A - from $ 500 (depending on the route)
    • Routes 5B - from $ 700 (depending on the route)
    • Routes 6A - from $ 1500 (depending on the route)

    • On the days of ascents 4A-6A, the basic cost of services ($ 150) is not charged
    • If the group does not go to the ascent 4A-6A for any reason, the payment for this ascent is refunded in 100 percent

    Classification of the complexity of routes according to the Russian system from 1B to 6B
  • Terms of participation
    • Dates - on request
    • To participate in the program, prepayment (30%) is required. The rest of the payment is made before the start of the program.
    • Participants are advised to carry sufficient medical transportation insurance (for active recreation).
    • The maximum group size is 2 people

    Accommodation on Razeka - Base camp for all climbs in the area - with meal costs around 35 $ per person / day